Our Story

Meline’s Garden is currently working on incorporating agricultural alternatives within Armenia as well as introducing high nutrition content products into the market. The company was founded in April 2015 by Taline Kevonian.

Our vision is to develop the local economy of Armenia through agricultural diversity and rural development.

We plan to realize this goal by creating job opportunities for ALL Armenians, with a particular focus on marginalized and vulnerable communities, in hopes of decreasing the emigration that is happening at a staggering rate.  Additionally, we plan to illustrate the benefits of a healthy diet incorporated in a daily routine.

To make our vision come true, Meline’s Garden started operating in different border regions of Armenia. By cooperating with farmers and sharing proper knowledge and material support with them, we currently produce quinoa and chia seeds. Once harvested, the products are packaged by handicapped individuals and sold in many Armenian speciality stores and supermarkets. For the near future, we plan to expand our product line to include ready to eat items and increase sales within the region.


Where To Buy

"Haleb" Store

  • Koryun str., 13/10, Yerevan
  • Kasyan str., 3/47, Yerevan
  • Zaqyan str., 4/77, Yerevan


  • Hyusisayin ave., 3/85, Yerevan
  • Baghramyan ave., 79a, Yerevan
  • Vagharshyan str., 10, Yerevan
  • Khorenatsi str., 9, Yerevan

JL Spices

  • Baghramyan ave., 79-28, Yerevan
  • Teryan str., 57 building, #15, Yerevan

Honey House

  • Movses Khorenatsi St., 8 building, Yerevan

Spice House

  • Vagharshyan 17/15, Yerevan


  • Abovyan 20, Yerevan

Tatev info center

  • Tatev village

Green Bean

  • Tamanyan str., 2, 2 building, Yerevan

"Tapastan" Restaurant

  • Saryan str., 6-7, Yerevan

"SAS" Supermarket

  • Komitas ave. 52, Yerevan
  • Tumanyan str. 31, Yerevan
  • Isahakyan St. 35, Yerevan

"Mirhav" hotel

  • Goris


  • Arshakunyats Ave. 34, Yerevan

Louis Charden

  • Amiryan St. 11, Yerevan

"Ingredient" cafe

  • Vazgen Sargsyan St. 10, Yerevan

The Coast Yerevan

  • Tamanyan St. 2/2, Yerevan


  • Mashtots Ave. 24, Yerevan

Cascade Royal

  • Antarayin 192, Yerevan

Smak Salad Bar

  • Mashtots Ave. 41, Yerevan



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The American University of Armenia (AUA) organized and hosted a conference on the empowerment of girls and women in Armenia. The event brought successful female entrepreneurs, community leaders and members of the both the public and private sector who are sharing their stories of success.

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